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《1.5米》講述十個香港人在新型肺炎疫情下的故事。歷史將會紀錄,2020年是天翻地覆的一年。在香港乃至全球,口罩成為了年度標誌,是抵抗新型冠狀病毒這種高傳染性呼吸道疾病不可或缺的裝備。這一年,全人類都被瘟疫牽著走,縱使我們各有差異與歧見,卻都懷著一個共同願望:平安。 記錄當下,傳諸後世,我們的說書人訪問了十位背景和際遇都不同的人,述說他們在疫情下的親身經歷,如何保持身心健康,在最壞時候做到最好。

Faces under Masks

Tales from Hongkongers amid the pandemic

Faces under Masks narrates the stories of 10 Hongkongers in the Covid-19 pandemic. 

The year of 2020 will be remembered as a time when everything changed. In Hong Kong and across the globe, face masks became an emblem of the year.  The fabric became a must wear item to guard against a highly infectious respiratory disease caused by a novel coronavirus. Abruptly, despite our differences and disagreement, human kind share the same and basic wish: staying safe. Lives revolve around Covid. To document the present and inform the future, we met with 10 individuals of diverse background and at different stages of their lives. 

Our storyteller recounts their responses to the novel coronavirus, staying safe and making the best out of a situation where public opinions no longer count.

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